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Webinar STAUFEN. Show me the money! - zapowiedź

  • How to quantify and make visible the benefits of Lean Thinking?
  • How can we capture the value of Lean activities?
  • How to apply these approaches to our own organization?
  • How to evaluate where Lean benefits will and will not appear on the financial statements over time?

All these key questions will be at the center of the discussion in this exclusive live session about Lean Accounting, on January 28th. (9am EST | 11am BRT | 3pm CET).

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Have you heard CFOs or other executive leaders say “We’ve been doing Lean for a while, when am I going to see it in the financials?” Let’s dive into the math to understand where we will (and won’t) see the impacts of Lean on our financial outcomes. We’ll look at a high-level economic model to describe 5 key ways lean drives financial outcomes.

As you may already know, Lean Thinking is a people-centered learning and improvement strategy for an organization and it´s based in continuous improvement of customer value and respect for people. In this great free talk, we will receive Nick Katko, author of “The Lean CFO“ and a Lean Accounting Expert for more than 25 years, and Dario Spinola, managing director of Staufen Brazil, to talk about the Lean Profit Model, connecting Lean efforts to financial impacts.

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